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"Everybody at Gronlund Physical Therapy always does a great job my mom Debbie Vamos loves going there justin and josie are spectacular everyone is so nice and it feels like a family setting there. Definitely would recommend it there. Thanks to everyone on doing a great and wonderful job"
Sep 13, 2022
"This was the best experience from the first phone call! Everyone was friendly, helpful and welcoming! Justin was my PT. He was wonderful! I am so impressed with his attention to my progress and the treatment he set up was tailored to my needs. I highly recommend the whole team! "
Jun 27, 2022
"I am very impressed with Ray and Alex at Gronlund PT! This is my first experience here and I was surprised how I receive personal attention with Ray before going out to finish my exercises with Alex. Such a pleasant clean atmosphere. From my first phone call, my sessions, and most importantly my progress I know I made the perfect choice. "
Apr 20, 2022
"Ray is an excellent physical therapy magician! For months last year, I tried two other PTs for the same issue with no help there. Not much to do besides exercises. Still no help. Then I remembered Ray from my visits to him in the distant past. He has worked a true miracle on my issue. He is a hands on therapist who got my joints back in shape. Yes there were exercises - but fewer and less grueling. I highly recommend him to one and all!"
Oct 29, 2021
"All staff is very knowledgeable, charismatic and personable. I had knee surgery and the recovery was painful and hard, but Justin made it as enjoyable and pleasant as it could be. I'm grateful for the care I received and appreciate the knowledge I gained about my body and recovery through both Ray and Justin. I would recommend this practice to anyone I know! 10/10 🙂"
Jun 25, 2021
"I chose Gronlund Physical Therapy after having hip replacement surgery. I can't say enough good things about Ray and his team. I received personal attention and felt valued as a patient. Ray explained everything so well--what was happening, what to expect, etc. Alex was friendly and cheerful in helping me with my exercises. Compared to other PT experiences I've had, Gronlund PT is far above. I would never go back to a "chain" PT organization. "
Jan 14, 2021
"The professionals and the associates here know their business. These people are not computers, but real people who are systematic, reliable, result oriented and most importantly- personal. They listen to you and try to make sure you feel better. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs or may need physical therapy. You must try this facility and see the difference!"
Jan 05, 2021
"previous visit for herniated discs in my neck. convinced i needed surgery. justin fixed me up. haven't had any problems since. recently injured my back. once again justin to the rescue! today was my last day of therapy. feeling great! great all around experience! would recommend to friends and family. caring, professional staff. thank you, bill."
Nov 12, 2020
"I could not have been more reluctant to try PT once again. With chronic back pain I have tried several different treatments with very little success. And then fortunately I took one more chance and so very glad I did. Ray has been able to help me tremendously and now I am so much more active and enjoying my summer. I have not felt this good in years. His procedures are gentle and very productive. I highly recommend Ray and staff!! "
Jul 17, 2020
"Recently, I completed PT for both of my knees with Ray at Gronlund Physical Therapy. I was treated with such expert service, I decided to write my first review ever. Ray displayed professionalism, compassion and knowledge during each session. He and the entire staff were friendly, supportive and caring. I never hesitated asking a question because I knew Ray would provide an accurate, precise answer. My progress was more than I could have ever imagined. I have and will continue to highly recommend Gronlund PT to family and friends. "
Apr 25, 2020
"Excellent. They exceed all expectations. Their equipment is new and clean. The staff is friendly and professional. They are compassionate and they know their profession. They get results. You won't find a better organization or results."
Mar 05, 2020
"I have had a wonderful experience at Gronlund Physical Therapy. They are knowledgeable, caring and supportive through the recovery process. I recommend them highly!"
Mar 04, 2020
"I have been to Gronlund Physical Therapy several times for a variety of orthopedic issues eg fractures, back pain, sciatica. Both Ray and Justin are excellent therapists. They are knowledgeable about my conditions and clearly explained the physical anatomy and how the treatments would work to correct the problem. They are both personable and easy go talk to. Overall, being treated at Gronlund is a very pleasant expereince. The office and therapy spaces are clean and well maintained. Several members of my family have received physical therapy there with excellent results. I would recommend Gronlund to anyone in need of PT servcies. "
Feb 15, 2020
"I recently finished my second set of physical therapy @ Gronlund . The staff is so nice and Ray is a master at his craft! I would recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy! Very clean and welcoming. The staff are pleasant and easy to talk to! Gronlund Physical Therapy is the BEST!!!"
Mar 28, 2019


Josephine Z.

In September 2016, I was an active 69 year old retired teacher who traveled the world, walked the neighborhood with my twin, and up to that point, bowled in a women’s league for 14 years. Then while bowling, my right femur broke which sent me to the hospital for surgery to place a Titanium rod and pins through my leg.

After six weeks in a nursing facility, I started Physical Therapy with Ray Gronlund. Ray’s professional experience and caring thoughtful approach turned around a difficult problem for me. His use of different modalities enabled me to regain my ability to walk with strength and improved balance.

I have referred several people to Gronlund Physical Therapy & Associates, LLC and am thankful for Ray’s patience and knowledge of what I needed to return to independence again.

Josephine Z.

Connie B.

My experience at Gronlund Physical Therapy has been excellent. They are very professional and knowledgeable. I have been to a few other physical therapy locations in my life and Gronlund Physical Therapy, hands down, the best!! I have never been treated and taken care of with so much one on one care. Their expertise and guidance has helped me in my physical recovery. I am very confident in Ray and Justin.

Connie B.


Dr. Jessica Sciulli recommended that we come see Justin or Ray at GPT after my daughter’s foot and ankle surgery. My daughter, Stephany, is Down’s Syndrome and can be a bit stubborn at times. With that said, Justin has been working with her for about 6 weeks now. I am truly grateful for how patient Justin is with her and how he listens and asks her questions the whole time he is working with her. He makes her laugh and encourages her at the same time, as well as teaching me the correct techniques I need to do with her at home. He is always coming up with innovative ways to have Stephany work through the distress of moving her legs and putting pressure on her foot to make it stronger. This is a long road to recovery for her: however, she trusts Justin and feels very comfortable working with him.

I wanted to write this testimonial to say how appreciative I am for the kindness and patience Justin has shown towards my daughter with the empathy to understand she will take somewhat longer to recover, and most of all, does not treat her any differently because of her disability. Everyone at GPT works together and all encourage my daughter with every visit. I have to mention that we love the M&M dispenser they have when you sign in and I am sure after our visits it probably needs refilled!!

Thank you so much, Justin, Ray and Alex for supporting us!!

Extremely grateful,

Elly and Stephany

To all of you at GPT,

Thank you for your patience, kindness and helpfulness to this old lady.

Even though Justin worked me hard, I did make some progress. You were all so kind to me and I appreciate all the time I spent at your facility.

Thank you so much and maybe you’ll see me in the fall.

The staff is very professional, would recommend to anyone.

Jackie C.

40 years ago I was involved in a car accident that permanentley injured my neck and shoulder. Over the years I never got any satisfying help from chiropractors or physical therapist until several years ago when I found Ray Gronlund. Trust me when I tell you, Ray Gronlund has a very special talent.

I had shoulder surgery in July of 2012 and I knew I would need a lot of physical therapy. A friend of mine recommended Gronlund PT. The office was close to my home, so I thought I would go and give it a try.

I truly want to thank Ray and his staff for the outstanding treatment that was given to me! Ray and his team exceeded my expectations and were always friendly and encouraging.

Ray is clearly a leader in his field and I would recommend Gronlund Physical Therapy to everyone.

Thanks to all,

This is my second visit to Gronlund PT. On both occasions, I finished pleased with my treatment. The first case was for a rotator cuff tear. The second, (just finished) was for a total knee replacement. The professionalism, promptness, and just plain good diagnosis and rehabilitation are the reasons for my return with the second rehab. I would highly recommend the rehab services.